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The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) concluded their INSIGHTS + INNOVATIONS™ Informational Webinar held today, June 8th. INSIGHTS + INNOVATIONS 2017, also known as the i2 conference, is a spin-off of the PSH Summit held in prior years by the ASA.

abeo is excited to attend this conference come August 25-27. Having attended the PSH Summit in years past, we look forward to the expansion of topics surrounding the perioperative surgical home model. Here are a few takeaways from the webinar we want our followers are aware of.

  • Nuts-to-bolts, the i2 conference covers everything that physicians, nurses and hospital leadership need to know about implementing and sustaining the perioperative surgical home (PSH) model.
  • If you have attended the PSH Summit in the past, INSIGHTS + INNOVATIONS 2017 is applicable to you. The difference is the expansion on related topics such as implementation, case studies, leadership development and extensive clinical discussions.
  • Individuals new to concept or still grasping the basics of the perioperative surgical home model should attend the i2 Building Blocks Pre-Conference. Designed to build upon your current knowledge and form a solid foundation prior to attending the main conference, it’s divided into four separate sessions as follows; health care reform basics, health information technology basics, quality and patient safety basics, and population health basics.
  • The format is intended to contain highly active and engaged participation with attendees. Tools that can be immediately implemented, case studies, panel discussions, table top discussions in 20-minute increments are aimed to ensure participants have the opportunity to share their PSH experiences, obstacles with PSH and get their questions about PSH answered.
  • Driving the PSH model forward requires teamwork. I enjoyed the analogy used in the webinar. The world record for the 400 meters dash is 43.04 seconds. The world record for the 400 meters relay is 37.04 seconds. Teamwork makes a difference.

You have until June 25 to receive early bird pricing; so register now. Groups of 3 or more will receive an additional discount. Be sure to share this with your group now to make plans. We hope to see our clients in Huntington Beach, California. Let abeo know in advance if you plan on attending so we can be sure to collaborate on your specific needs, challenges or ideas in advance and throughout the conference.  Tweet about the conference at #i2conference.

Additional information on the Perioperative Surgical Home model can be found at


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