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In the world of medical billing and coding, anesthesia has a language all its own.

No other specialty routinely talks about how to correctly bill for time units, for example, or what comprises an OR “equivalent area.” Anesthesia providers alone must carefully mind their –QK and –AA modifiers under the watchful eye of the OIG. The repercussions for mixing up “medically directed” with “personally performed” could range from financial takebacks to fraud allegations.

The nuances of billing for anesthesia are enormous. So are their effects on anesthesia revenue cycle management efforts and other practice management challenges, like payroll and compensation models.

That’s why, to really help clients, an anesthesia billing company needs to understand more than just general coding and billing rules. They need to speak anesthesia — fluently.

Immersed in anesthesia billing

Want to speak Spanish well? Live in Spain for a year. The best way to learn any language is to fully immerse yourself. That’s the same reason abeo chose to remain focused on anesthesia revenue cycle management.

We have immersed ourselves exclusively in helping anesthesia practices improve financial and operational performance. Every day, that brings the abeo team face-to-face with the same business challenges every anesthesia practice encounters. Fortunately, that perspective leads to real-world benefits.

It’s what drove the desire to integrate systems for more efficient eligibility, claims and charge entry processes, for example. It’s why we provide flexible, anesthesia-specific reports to give clients powerful insight into the financial health of their practices.

In other words, abeo really does talk the talk. Through years of experience, we’ve honed the software, services and strategies needed to help make anesthesia practices successful. We’re committed to sharing these tools and expertise, too; the same solutions and services used at abeo are also available to anesthesia practices and operations nationwide.

The cloud-based anesthesia billing software MedSuite is a perfect example. It’s both the backbone of abeo’s internal billing services, and one of the most reputable, widely used anesthesia billing software in the country.

It just goes to show: From coding to billing to practice management, we speak anesthesia.

Learn how MedSuite could benefit your anesthesia practice.


abeo Management Corporation (abeo) serves as a leading source of revenue cycle management and practice management with a specialization in anesthesia. The company leverages its people, processes, and software to serve independent practices, surgery centers, hospitals and healthcare systems with a scope of services that include billing, coding, transcription, practice management, and business consulting.

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