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Value based care is here to stay. It received bi-partisan support and a major investment from Washington.  Before practices sign up to join an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) at the request of their health system or payer they should know what the risks and requirements are. To see success in an ACO and receive a portion of the savings they have to meet certain objectives.

3 Key Value Based Care Objectives

  • Quality reporting and performance benchmarks
  • Meet cost benchmarks based on historical data
  • Exceed the minimum savings threshold

Failure to meet these could cost the organization a penalty in addition to administrative costs to setup, manage, and monitor performance. Here at the the ASA PRACTICE MANAGEMENT 2017 conference, the ACO long-term stability and success is being  challenged.

  • Participants who meet benchmarks year-over-year eventually find themselves struggling to meet goals based on their recently improved performance ultimately putting the  savings it saw the prior year at risk.
  • The feedback loop on performance is 18 months, preventing ACOs from improving quickly enough to avoid missing the mark the next year.
  • The savings and bonuses realized may not come to back to Anesthesia, leaving your practice with increased administrative and staffing costs and no upside.

Not every practice will have an option to join, but participating on committees and administrative panels will better position you and your peers for a piece of the pie, while it’s still available.

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