With CMS moving ahead on the October 1, 2014 implementation date for ICD-10 diagnostic and procedure codes, abeo is preparing our staff and technology for the changes and challenges that lie ahead.  There are ~79,000 ICD-10 codes compared to ~14,000 in ICD-9.  The codes are now longer and more specific.  For a successful transition to ICD-10, abeo is committed to ensuring our coding staff;

  • Has sufficient foundational knowledge of biomedical sciences.
  • Learns how to apply ICD-10 codes correctly on anesthesia/outpatient/inpatient encounters.
  • Understands how to apply maps and crosswalks between ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM.

The focus is for our coders to become experts in applying ICD-10-CM codes to anesthesia/outpatient/inpatient encounters.  The training strategy is divided into three phases:

Phase 1:

  1. Our coders will be trained in understanding the ICD-10 final rule and its implications.
  2. They will learn about the structure, organization, and unique features of ICD-10-CM.
  3. The use of assessment tools to identify areas of strengths/weaknesses in the biomedical sciences (e.g. anatomy and pathophysiology).
  4. The coders will review and refresh knowledge of their biomedical concepts as needed based on the assessment results.
  5. General equivalence mappings (GEMs) between ICD-9-CM AND ICD-10-CM will be provided to the coding department.

Phase 2:

  1. Review code structure and coding conventions for ICD-10-CM.
  2. Learn the fundamentals of the ICD-10-CM system.
  3. Analyze and practice applying the ICD-10-CM coding guidelines.
  4. Continue to review and refresh knowledge of anatomy and physiology concepts.

Phase 3:

  1. Become an expert in applying ICD-10-CM codes to anesthesia/outpatient/inpatient cases.
  2. Practice using ICD-10-CM codes each week leading into “go live” on the implementation date. (Using 3m practice module)

If you have questions about abeo’s ICD-10 preparations and training strategy please contact us at info@abeo.com.


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