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By Joy Burgess

Many ambulatory surgical centers and private practices are outsourcing medical coding to avoid common problems like over-coding and under-coding, problems that frequently result in claim rejection. Surgical centers and private practices that currently take care of medical coding in-house will find making the switch to be a practical business management decision. In fact, one study showed that outsourced medical coding services have become a multi-billion dollar industry across the globe. Your business can enjoy many benefits when choosing to outsource coding. Although the significant savings are one of the most obvious benefits, outsourcing offers many other benefits to consider.

Benefit #1 Significant Monetary Savings

While the ability to save money is an obvious benefit of outsourcing medical coding, it cannot be overlooked. Outsourcing allows companies to decrease office expenses and employee expenses, resulting in increased revenue. Hiring a single employee to handle coding responsibilities may easily cost three times the amount it costs to outsource coding. For larger medical billing and coding companies that require a significant amount of coding, the savings are even bigger.

Benefit #2 Concentrate on Core Business Activities

Outsourcing coding for an ambulatory surgical center or private practice also allows healthcare professionals to concentrate on core business activities. Eliminating the need to worry about coding duties offers organizations the ability to focus on more important business activities, such as improving patient care and satisfaction. No back-office quality is sacrificed when outsourcing, yet it allows healthcare professionals to better use their time, increasing overall productivity and revenue.

Benefit #3 Improved Accuracy

Over-coding and under-coding are two of the main medical coding problems that occur and they often result in claim rejection or a smaller reimbursement for claims. Outsourcing ensures accuracy when claims are made, reducing rejections and ensuring that companies get the maximum reimbursement when claims are made. When outsourcing, look for companies that guarantee accuracy to ensure protection against any errors. Improved accuracy results in higher revenue.

Benefit #4 Certified Coding Specialists

To take care of medical coding in-house, the company must find and hire a certified coding specialist. Not only does it take time to find and hire someone qualified for the job, but hiring certified coding specialists is also costly. Along with trained coders, outsourcing gives organizations access to the latest technology available without the worry of dealing with technologies that repeatedly change. By outsourcing, companies enjoy all the benefits that certified coding specialists have to offer without all the costs of keeping them on staff.

Benefit #5 Saves Office Resources

Another benefit of outsourcing coding duties is the benefit of saving office resources. Since coding duties will no longer take place in-house, companies will enjoy a reduction in office supply and paper usage. Saving office resources results in further savings.

Beyond these benefits, outsourcing medical coding also results in cleaner claims, improved efficiency in the office and simplifies the office workload. Resources are freed to work on important core activities and the overall flexibility of the organization is improved. Of course, to enjoy these benefits, companies must outsource to high-quality billing companies that provide quality coding audits, error-free reports and competitive prices.


BIO: Joy Burgess is a full-time freelance writer with more than 12 years of writing experience. For more than six years, she has specialized in medical writing, drawing upon her previous medical experience in emergency care, private home health care and geriatric care.


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