Exempt or not exempt? That is the question many medical providers are asking themselves. CMS developed a useful Quality Payment Program lookup tool that medical providers can use to determine if they need to submit data. Enter your 10-digit National Provider Identifier (NPI) number to find out your status for reporting in 2017.  CMS is mailing out MIPS participation status letters, but we anticipate this lookup tool may be easier since the mailing addresses on file may vary.MIPS Participation Status Letter

Medical providers exempt from MIPS with the first review will not need to take any action for MIPS this year. Medical providers included in MIPS may be exempt with the second review of eligibility determinations at the end of 2017. One drawback to the tool is it does not display whether the medical provider or private practice group is considered patient facing or hospital based at this time. Fingers crossed that the update gets put into place soon!

Client Relations Managers at abeo are available to help answer client questions that anesthesiologists and CRNAs have as they navigate through the Quality Payment Program. Our team actively participates in CMS calls, organizes questions for direct comment back from CMS for clarification specific to practicing anesthesiology, and provides consulting regarding quality reporting options and measures available for independent practices and solo practitioners.

Contact us at 888-281-6187 if your anesthesia group needs a better resource for helping manage the options and considerations surrounding what is best in quality reporting for you and your colleagues.

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