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The overall operational and financial health of your outpatient surgical center matters if you want to be in the best position to surpass challenges and take hold of opportunities that come your way. abeo provides reliable service and support different from what you may have come to expect from other surgery center billing companies.

We leverage five decades of best practices in people, processes and technology. The same best practices that led abeo to become a leading source in anesthesia billing; one of the most complex specialties to code and bill for. We put our knowledge and know-how together to provide surgery centers with compliant and quality focused service.

Our ASC experts ensure your team and key stakeholders are:

  • Informed on day-to-day activity
  • Provided access to ASC expertise in the area you need them
  • Able to measure performance through efficient reporting
  • Given visibility into the effectiveness of our team
  • Experiencing service with no hidden fees

Learn more about the ASC services we offer:

missed dollars
Revenue Cycle for Surgery Centers

We collect more because we do more, so you get paid accurately and efficiently.

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coding centers
Coding for Surgery Centers

abeo has a proven a time-tested solution for optimizing coding that drives revenue cycles and improved documentation.

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Transcription for Surgery Centers

Productivity and accuracy with the service and ASC expertise you need to acheive operational efficiency.

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Billing for Anesthesiology

We also specialize in one the most complex specialties to bill for, anesthesia.

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Let’s talk about the support your surgery center and operational staff needs to enhance your processes and increase the profitability of the business.

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