Resolving the E/M Challenge

Evaluation and management (E/M) coding is one of healthcare’s greatest challenges. Providers struggle to capture their cognitive work in a way that complies with regulations and accurately compensates them. It’s critical to resolve these issues because this is the financial lifeblood for most providers. It’s how they get paid for their clinical expertise.

Industry guidelines have failed to ease the E/M coding process. Instead, they have created complex, variable, and inefficient manual workflows that expose hospitals, practices, and providers to significant financial and regulatory risk. Though the upcoming 2021 E/M code revisions may change the process, they will not make it more efficient.

Boost Efficiency with Coding Automation

The TRUSTEDi10 and athenahealth More Disruption Please marketplace partnership enables providers to simplify, accelerate, and strengthen E/M coding workflows. TRUSTEDi10’s technology promotes standardized E/M code selection with enhanced visibility that athenahealth users can depend on.

TRUSTEDi10 uses AI to read medical charts at lightning speed and auto-generate recommended E/M codes that are accurate, compliant, and defensible. This process is significantly faster than is humanly possible, which saves significant time, resources, and costs. TRUSTEDi10 also creates an audit trail that documents the “thought process” behind the E/M code recommendations to reduce the risk of audit and lower costs, while improving transparency.

No Learning Curve—Keep Your Workflow

Get incredible results without any changes to your current workflow. With TRUSTEDi10 and athenahealth integration, there is no new technology to learn. This intelligent technology is purpose-built to seamlessly read and interpret charts for E/M codes within the existing athenahealth clinical workflows.

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The Ultimate Solution for Defensible, Simple E/M Coding

As an athenahealth®️ partner, TRUSTEDi10 maximizes your EHR investment and strengthens your existing E/M coding workflows in emergency department (ED) settings.

The TRUSTEDi10 solution is embedded within the athenahealth®️ clinical EHR before the coding and billing workflows so users can maintain all of the same E/M coding processes. No jumping in and out of the chart. No new technology or process to learn. Plus, TRUSTEDi10 is customizable to regional Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) and internal compliance guidelines.

Here’s How It Works:

All documented E/M levels are displayed and scored using the 1995, 1997, or time-based guidelines. The authorized user will then accept or modify the final code recommendation. An audit defense document is also embedded into each record to support the code choice, defend the reimbursement, and aid in clinical documentation improvement (CDI) initiatives.

TRUSTEDi10 Lets You:

Standardize E/M coding processes
Reduce E/M coding errors
Compress coding and charge-capture turnaround
Increase HIM resource efficiency
Defend against E/M code audits

Regain Control of ED & Ambulatory E/M Coding

Regain Control of ED & Ambulatory E/M Coding

  • No extra clicks or new programs to learn
  • Never transfer information out of athenahealth®

Code simultaneously using the 1995, 1997, and time-based E/M guidelines

  • Get results in just seconds
  • Select what displays—one, two, or all three results

Give authorized access to physicians and coders

  • Maintain your existing E/M coding workflows—no interruptions
  • Enable batch or real-time E/M coding

Gain unprecedented visibility into your E/M coding

  • Easily access notes in a CMS audit form and E/M score sheet from the chart
  • Embed a PDF format audit defense document in each medical record

TRUSTEDi10 is the ultimate solution to E/M coding challenges. Real-time, accurate, seamless E/M coding, all within athenahealth®.

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