Improve E/M Coding Accuracy with Computer Assisted Coding

The advanced, AI-driven technology optimizes the E/M coding process to protect code integrity, streamline operations, and speed reimbursements. Using advanced Natural Language Processing (“NLP”) software and proprietary algorithms, TRUSTEDi10 seamlessly reads and interprets the unstructured text in medical records, translating the data into actionable information. This process takes just seconds and makes E/M coding tremendously easier, stronger, and more defensible.

Providers, financial professionals, and operational teams can easily implement TRUSTEDi10 while maintaining current workflows and without a learning curve. All users immediately benefit from an efficient, accurate, and highly visible E/M coding process.

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Benefits of TRUSTEDi10

From clinicians to financial professionals, TRUSTEDi10 has customizable benefits to fit your needs.

Accurate Results & Quicker Reimbursement Process

Leave error-prone E/M coding frustrations in the past. TRUSTEDi10 reads through medical charts in just seconds and auto-generates E/M code recommendations with extreme accuracy that outperforms the average human-generated results. With TRUSTEDi10 doing the work, providers get results quickly, which means that they can focus on completing billing and getting reimbursements sooner.

Real-Time Insights & Low Compliance Risk

TRUSTEDi10 delivers unprecedented coding visibility for the practitioner and organization. Each chart’s notes include E/M score sheets and coding rationales in a CMS audit form. With ’95, ’97, and time-based guidelines provided, users can easily select the most favorable option. The technology also embeds audit documents in each medical record to protect against compliance risk and help to defend code selection.

Eases the Pain of E/M Coding —Without the Learning Curve

TRUSTEDi10 can be immediately implemented in your current clinical EHR workflows, making it easy to integrate and adopt across any organization or practice. This also prevents any inefficiencies and risks associated with moving data in and out of the EHR. TRUSTEDi10 is customizable to match your regional Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC).

Process Improvements—Not Interruptions

Armed with unprecedented insights through TRUSTEDi10, financial professionals can proactively create stronger coding and billing policies and staff training programs.

Strong Return on EHR Investments

We are a trusted partner to top EHR vendors because our technology maximizes the effectiveness of existing EHR technologies. TRUSTEDi10 supports efficient, transparent, and accurate E/M coding strategies that earn our customers strong returns on their EHR investments.

Reduce Costs and Avoid Audits

TRUSTEDi10 generates E/M code recommendations with such speed and integrity that it reduces costs and challenges for financial leaders. Financial professionals use TRUSTEDi10 to lower the cost of doing business and avoid costly audits.

Safeguard Reimbursements

TRUSTEDi10 saves significant time in the coding process, which affects the entire workflow. The accuracy and speed of the technology result in an accelerated revenue collection process as well—from charge capture to billing and payment.

Technology Efficiency

Our EHR-embedded design strengthens existing systems and workflows. TRUSTEDi10 empowers better E/M coding with minimal operational requirements and without disruptions.

Staff Productivity

TRUSTEDi10 requires minimal operational oversight. This solution streamlines the E/M coding process (whether real-time or batch), resulting in more productive providers and efficient HIM departments.


TRUSTEDi10 conducts automatic updates to ensure continual compliance with the most up-to-date regional Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) and internal guidelines. Operational leaders never need to worry about falling behind on changing coding rules.

Epic & athenahealth®: Seamless Integration


Epic App Orchard integration enables TRUSTEDi10’s intelligent automation application to run within the Epic workspace. There is no need to learn new workflows or manage multiple systems, which saves time and enables rapid and widespread adoption of TRUSTEDi10 technology. Epic continues to serve as the source of truth for all medical records and data.

TRUSTEDi10 works within a hyperspace window in the Epic desktop, making it easy to use. This solution reduces the time it takes to bill for ED services, captures all documented services for full reimbursement, and standardizes the evaluation and management leveling and billing process. Through increased accuracy and streamlining of workflows, TRUSTEDi10 lowers costs and ensures compliance with current standards.

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As a trusted athenahealth® More Disruption Please partner, TRUSTEDi10 is available on the athenahealth Marketplace. Our technology is seamlessly embedded into the athenahealth clinical EHR before the coding and billing workflows so that all of your E/M coding processes remain the same. Users immediately realize the benefits of TRUSTEDi10 as our proprietary cloud-based platform works to maximize EHR investments by strengthening E/M coding workflows in emergency department (ED) settings.

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