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abeo’s MedSuite software is the most widely used anesthesia billing solution in the nation

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Purpose-built with an unparalleled understanding of the unique complexities of anesthesia billing, MedSuite helps both practices and billing services protect rightful reimbursement.

Fully optimized for anesthesia, MedSuite’s cloud-based platform supports integrated workflows that make the most of vital coding and billing staff resources. As their needs evolve, so does MedSuite. The reason is simple: MedSuite isn’t just a system we sell, it’s also the system we use every day to code and bill for our own anesthesia practice clients.

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Coding and Billing Software

Ease anesthesia billing tasks, reports, and compliance with MedSuite:

Catch missed dollars

MedSuite is the only software solution that allows you to cross-reference the surgery schedule against billing to be certain you bill and collect for every one of your cases

Gain valuable insight

Because it’s built from the ground up for anesthesia, MedSuite’s anesthesia specific database offers clear views into valuable metrics through robust, flexible reporting

Get peace of mind

MedSuite’s cloud-based system takes away the burden of software upgrades, backups, and other data risks; no in-house system can match the security built into the MedSuite environment

Benefit from a knowledgeable partner

MedSuite is used in more practices and meets more payer-specific requirements than any other anesthesia billing software; whatever your practice model, odds are we’ve “been there, done that”

Work more efficiently

Move easily from field to field, function to function. MedSuite’s long list of front- and back-end integrations help smooth daily anesthesia coding and billing workflows

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