Medical Transcription Services

Be more productive with dictation and software that comes with reliable turnaround time and support

Full-Service ASC Transcription

Dictation and transcription is not an area of your business that should be complicated.  That is why abeo provides an efficient workflow for physician dictation and the medical transcription process that will compliment your coding and billing reimbursement efforts.  Give your physician office and/or surgery center staff a resource for reliable and knowledgeable support through abeo.

The benefits of working with abeo:

Expert Transcription

Our industry expertise enables quick, highly accurate turnaround. We’ll even correct errors that come from your organization and embed meaningful comments when an element is missing. Our ambulatory surgical center experience helps us identify routine procedures and provide custom templates to simplify dictation.

Customer Support

Our live, expert, US-based representatives are immediately available to you and your physicians’ offices throughout the day. Errors are typically corrected  same-day – regardless of where the error originated – at no charge. Our accurate service and quick corrections can also lead to significant savings with fewer claim resubmissions.

Total Solution Cost

There are no hidden or creeping costs, period. Our costs are as predictable and dependable as our quality and support. We do not charge a cost for accessing abeo’s web-based transcription platform.

Cloud-based Transcription Software and Service Features:

  • 24-hour turnaround or better, H&Ps and STAT by the following morning
  • Personalize with custom views and users
  • Efficient searching, batch printing, faxing and editing
  • Interface capability with major EMR systems
  • Easy file management and execution deliver efficient workflow
  • Data security and backup
  • 98% accuracy rate or better

Flexible Dictation Options:

  • Extraction from your dictation system
  • Toll-free (800) dial-up technology
  • Hand-held digital recorder
  • PDA or iOS devices

Medical Transcription Solutions

Transcription software and service for surgical centers and beyond

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