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Answers to the most common questions about the abeoCoder mobile coding app

How much does abeoCoder cost?

ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes at available for free on abeoCoder and available for download on most iOS and Android devices. CPT© and ASA CROSSWALK© product codes are available only through a subscription fee of $79.99 (USD) per year. The in-app subscription fee is $79.99 per year and renews automatically on an annual basis. If you choose to purchase a subscription, your app store account will be charged. The subscription will automatically renew unless the auto renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period.

abeo billing service clients can receive the abeoCoder anesthesia app at no cost. (See FAQ below – How do abeo service clients access abeoCoder for free? for more detail.)

How do abeo service clients access abeoCoder at no cost?

If you are an abeo billing service client you can activate the full code database in abeoCoder at no cost by authenticating yourself with your abeo360 account credentials. Contact your abeo Account Manager if you are not set up on abeo360.


  • Download and launch abeoCoder
  • Locate the menu options located at the bottom of the app.
  • To get to the Login and Subscription options, tap the ellipsis icon (…) labeled MORE.
  • You should now see a sub-menu that reads: Subscription, Account, About and Help.
  • Tap Account.
  • You will be able to activate Apple Touch ID for your login if you use an Apple device with this feature.

You must purchase a subscription to access CPT© and ASA CROSSWALK© if abeo does not perform your billing and collections. To learn more about becoming an abeo client call us at 888.281.6187 or contact us by email.

The app will not launch or crashes on my device, how do I fix it?

Multiple causes can prevent an app like abeoCoder, or otherwise from launching. Begin with executing these steps in an attempt to resolve the issue.

  • Delete the app from your device entirely and try restoring it back from the cloud.
  • Completely power off your mobile or tablet device, then power back on and try to launch the app.
  • Check for an iOS or Android operating system update.  Older operating systems may prevent apps from running properly.  Upgrades are also important to maintaining needed security patches.If you are still experiencing difficulty email support@abeo.com for further technical support.

Does abeoCoder include the latest ICD-10 codes?

Yes, along with the ICD-9 codes as well. abeo maintains the app with the latest ICD-10-CM updates as they are released from CMS. We want the app to be great and accurate for our users, if you notice a missing code or typo, contact support@abeo.com.

What is my user name and legal entity? Why is this needed?

After downloading and installing abeoCoder, you must read and accept the end-user agreement. Secondly, AMA (American Medical Association) and ASA (American Society of Anesthesiologists) require a user name and legal entity be entered before using abeoCoder. This information will not be used to contact you and will not be provided to any outside parties.

User Name = Enter your name or a variation/abbreviation of your name. Example: John Smith

Legal Entity = Enter your business name. Example: Anesthesia Practice, Inc.

How do I unsubscribe or cancel my in-app subscription?

If you are an abeoCoder in-app subscriber, your subscription will automatically renew unless the auto renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.

Apple Users -> View, change or cancel subscriptions

Android Users -> Cancel or change a subscription on Google Play

Do you offer discounts? (Group discounts, Military discounts, etc.)

Discounts are not available. abeo billing service clients can receive access to the full code database at no cost (see How do abeo service clients access abeoCoder for free? above).

Unfortunately there is not a way through iOS and Android app stores to validate Military status, or other group status. Organizations may reach out to abeo if they would like to discuss a large private group access option by emailing support@abeo.com.

Why does abeoCoder now cost money?

Over the last 7 years, abeo has provided the code sets to users through the app at no cost, supporting iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices.  Significant spikes in license fees by the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) and American Medical Association (AMA), along with app restriction challenges from Apple are the two catalysts that have led the company to this new distribution model.  Just as those purchasing coding books must buy new books each year to keep current, we must update the codes and pay AMA and ASA to do so.

To comply with licensing and restrictions, we cannot collect information about the users who have downloaded the app.  This has made communication regarding changes with the app difficult. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.  We realize it’s difficult to go from free to a fee but this was the only way we could keep the product available. It is not for profit.

How do I update codes so that the latest revisions, additions and deletions are current in the app?

The database that holds the codes must update from time-to-time in order for all the latest codes to stay current with revisions, additions and deletions.  The app will push a Data Update message to the user when there is an update released. At any time, and upon initially using abeoCoder you can manually force a code update to ensure you are working off the most current database of codes.

  • Launch abeoCoder.
  • Navigate to the About tab.
  • Located below the 888.281.6187 number you will see, “Codes not Updated”.
  • Tap ONCE* on the Update Now option. *This will take several seconds up to a minute to generate a pop-up screen.  It will appear that nothing is happening please be patient.
  • A pop-up screen will come up that states, “Data Update – Code updates are available.  Apply updates now?” Tap Yes.
  • You will again wait seconds up to minutes for the code sets to fully load.
  • The app will launch to the Keyword search screen upon completion.

Verify the Most Current Codes are Being Pulled into the App:

  • Navigate to About.
  • Below the 888.281.6187 number the text should read, Codes v20180126-00.
    (We will update this text as new releases become available.)

The monetary transaction for an annual subscription takes place between the end-user, the individual who holds the Apple or Google Play account which was used to download the app and then subscribe to the app.  Unfortunately this means abeo cannot directly issue a refund.

App subscribers are responsible for managing their subscriptions through their Apple or Google Play account.  This is true of any App which has an annual subscription, abeoCoder is not the exception. This is reflected in the question above on “How to unsubscribe or cancel my in-app subscription?”

I was charged for an annual subscription and I need a refund?

Additionally, AMA and ASA restrictions do not allow abeo to capture the identify of the App users so we do not know who is using the app and cannot legally reach out to you to notify you that your subscription is about to auto-renew. Managing the subscription is the responsibility of the individual who subscribed.

To Unsubscribe please follow these instructions:

If you are an abeoCoder in-app subscriber, your subscription will automatically renew unless the auto renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.

Apple Users -> View, change or cancel subscriptions

Android Users -> Cancel or change a subscription on Google Play

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