Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Gain clarity around your revenue cycle to improve the bottom line and reduce compliance risks

Medical Billing Services

abeo’s revenue cycle solutions are focused on driving down costs, increasing revenue, and contributing to positive patient experiences. Our RCM experts provide a fully integrated solution to deliver front to back office integration for superior revenue cycle operations service.

Forward-Thinking Revenue Cycle Management

Experience Superior Billing Management

Achieve a multi-dimensional view within each stage of your revenue cycle

Access Your Data

Tackle your planning and decision-making with reliable and conveniently reported data

Demonstrate Your Value

Better communicate what your medical specialty offers in the delivery and efficient management of the surgical process

Protect Your Practice

Discover opportunities for improved billing and coding compliance

Know What Drives Performance

Understand the revenue trends of your business and what impacts cash flow

Achieve More Visibility

We’re inspired to solve for new and innovative ways to bring transparency into your revenue cycle can be delivered. Gain more visibility when you switch to medical billing services and utilize our client portal which serves as the central access point for tools that keep you up-to-date on what’s taking place.

  • Real-time tracking tool for each medical case, from the point of claim capture to the second it is paid
  • Central repository for reporting and document storage
  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant communication channel for the reconciliation of missing documentation between our certified coders and the physician

Experience Superior Billing Management

  • Clear insight into all stages of billing management allows for the performance monitoring of payers, billing staff, and providers
  • Knowledgeable account management staff provides timely reporting and is always ready to answer your questions and help solve challenges
  • Satisfaction in knowing that abeo’s billing metrics are consistently above healthcare industry averages

Demonstrate Physician-Group Value

  • Position your leadership to have a strong grasp of the valuable strengths that may not be visible to key stakeholders
  • Equip your practice with an intelligent, data-supported narrative that abeo helps reveal through our analytic capabilities
  • Enhance hospital-physician alignment and other business relationships; be that with practice partners, surgeons, payers, or others

Reveal What Drives Your Business Performance

  • Understand what monthly and annual revenue trends reveal about what’s taking place in your practice
  • Leverage abeo’s nationwide experience and state-level expertise to build a managed care contract strategy supported by industry insight and your business performance

RCM Outsourcing Services

Reliable revenue management for independent and hospital-employed physicians

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