Mid-RCM Services

Target distinct areas of the revenue cycle to optimize and elevate the revenue integrity of your business

Revenue Cycle Services

As hospitals and physician practices transition to new reimbursement models, the mid-revenue cycle steps are significant for driving financial stability. Apart from our end-to-end revenue cycle management, abeo offers standalone RCM services when needed to assist with your efforts to achieve optimal revenue integrity.

Achieving Revenue Integrity

Revenue integrity is attained when a physician practice has achieved operational efficiency, compliance, and optimal earned reimbursement. Given the instability of the healthcare environment, maintaining revenue integrity requires attentive oversight to every area and process within the revenue cycle to prevent recurring issues that can cause revenue leakage and compliance risks.

Billing and Coding Analysis

Appropriate documentation and sound revenue management are necessary to withstand an audit. No two billing and coding audits are alike. abeo approaches billing audits in a consultative manner so we can understand all of what is taking place in your business. We want to help you understand how your staffing model structure, compliance risks, and billing management operations are interconnected and what that outcome means to the bottom line.

Charge Capture and Coding Services

Inadequate charge capture methods lead to missed charges, incorrect charges, and coding errors. We identify areas for improvement to streamline and accelerate your revenue. abeo’s knowledgeable coders provide coding services for independent or employed, hospital-based specialties like anesthesia, and professional or facility outpatient coding for surgery centers. Trusted i10, powered by abeo, provides computer-assisted coding for E&M leveling and clinical documentation improvement (CDI).

Transcription Services

Gain productivity and accuracy with the right transcription service and software in order to prevent any lag time or clinical documentation missteps in this area of the revenue cycle. abeo provides the services, workflow templates and dictation solutions you need to ensure you are achieving operational efficiency that leads to accelerated revenue.

Mid-RCM Services

Improve revenue cycle performance and financial operations

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