Anesthesia Management Solutions

Transform the business operations of your anesthesia service line while improving anesthesia practice management and surgical process efficiency.

Anesthesia Medical Billing

Medical billing errors can have a significant impact on your anesthesia reimbursement. That is why abeo provides tailored solutions for the anesthesia revenue cycle. Physician practices, hospitals, and health systems can rely on our depth of expertise and knowledge to ensure their medical group performs at a high level.

Anesthesia billing services with abeo help you:

  • Increase billing and coding efficiency
  • Reduce compliance risks
  • Improve cash flow and revenue
  • Easily access robust reporting and analytics
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Anesthesia Practice Consultants

Delivering excellent medical care and high patient satisfaction while keeping costs down and minimizing compliance risk is a struggle. Day to day operational challenges demands many resources. Our anesthesia practice and billing consultants will help make data-driven process and performance improvements that will enable your practice to move towards greater levels of patient care, operational effectiveness, and profitability.

With abeo anesthesia practice management you can:

  • Reduce your administrative burdens
  • Drive revenue through increased efficiency and cost control
  • Strengthen your partnership between practice and hospital with sound financial management that supports quality care for patients
  • Develop payer contract reimbursement negotiation strategies to improve rates
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Strategic Advisory Services

The anesthesia service line can be an overlooked source of cost reduction and increased reimbursement. abeo can provide strategic insights based on our breadth and depth of experience pairing with practices, hospitals, and health systems. Our nation-wide client base and years of anesthesia-focused business service have driven the generation of a complete range of services that can bridge the gap between the hospital structure and the anesthesia service line.

With abeo strategic advisory services you can:

  • Explore unrealized revenue opportunity
  • Increase quality and safety through care delivery model optimization
  • Maximize OR and staffing efficiency
  • Ensure revenue cycle optimization

Anesthesia Billing Software

Our cloud-based anesthesia billing platform, MedSuite, supports integrated workflows to help your coding and billing staff work efficiently. MedSuite is built specifically for the billing complexities surrounding anesthesia and pain management and processes more anesthesia claims across the U.S. than any other platform.

The MedSuite billing platform:

  • Ideal for large, multi-site private practices, national management companies, and other billing service environments
  • Supports practices with high volumes of claims with local and/or remote employees
  • Provides unlimited practice utilization with no restrictions on Tax IDs or number of users with access
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Anesthesia Management Solutions

Operational efficiency, enhanced compliance, and increased revenue

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