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The Small Business Administration (SBA) recently released a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan Forgiveness Calculation Form, improving guidance on calculation methods for determining the amount of loan forgiveness for which a PPP recipient is eligible. The application consists of a three-part calculation for the borrower to complete and submit to their bank or lender from whom they received their PPP loan. The PPP loan is a program that forgives the loan amount so long as the small business recipient uses the funds for payroll, utilities, and other items listed in the terms and conditions.

The application calculation consists of three parts to determine the amount eligible for forgiveness:

  1. The payroll and qualifying non-payroll costs that the loan recipient has spent during the eight week period since receiving its PPP funds.
  2. A possible reduction in the forgiveness amount if the loan recipient:
    1. reduced pay by greater than 25% for employees or
    2. reduced or failed to reinstate the equivalent number of full-time employees, as required by the PPP loan terms and conditions.
  3. 75% of the forgiveness request must be comprised of eligible payroll costs, while the other 25% can only consist of qualified non-payroll costs, such as rent, mortgage interest debt, and utilities.

Clarifying definitions were provided for leases of personal and real property, internet, transportation, telephone services, and instructions for documenting payroll costs. We recommend consulting with your financial advisor for further assistance. If you would like to read more details on the calculation and clarifying definitions, check out this post.

Download Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness Calculation Form


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