The arrival of a team of patient safety experts furthered Americans’ uneasiness when they descended upon Presbyterian Dallas Hospital to determine the the cause and sequence of events leading to the death of a patient with the Ebola virus

Among other responsibilities, a NTSB-like agency could conduct investigations for the purpose of patient safety.

Healthcare IT has not been a major priority–until now. The effects of a poorly designed and executed system were originally blamed for playing a role in the death of Thomas Erin Duncan (Texas Health Resources’ initially blamed its EHR software for the inappropriate release of Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan, but subsequent retracted that statement). The shortfalls in Healthcare IT and patient safety protocols have lead to the idea that a NTSB-like agency for healthcare may be a solution.

While many government agencies end up too politicized. The NTSB, for whatever reason, has avoided this. A agency similar to this in healthcare would be non-punitive and would have no enforcement power, but it would be able to conduct investigations and make recommendations.

Even with an agency like this in place, the effectiveness of improving patient safety still rests in the compliance and utilization of Healthcare IT systems with averse event tracking. The issues there often lie in concerns around intellectual property and proprietary code. With so many vendors options available for heathcare EHRs/EMRs, there is a fear around sharing proprietary information with competitors.

With patient safety at hand, this is an issue that needs to be tackled right away.

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