Avid Anesthesia Billing Software

Avid’s OneLook™ is a full-featured practice management software solution for anesthesiology and pain management practices looking for an on-site server-based or self-hosted software solution. This platform contains the top-tier anesthesiology specific functionality you would expect for your medical billing, collections, reporting, EDI, document management and more.


Our anesthesia practice management platform operates as a true client / server-based application that is designed to scale up or down based on your needs. This platform works for a small physician practice or a large multi-physician, multi-practice environment. We are committed to a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship with our clients. Should your needs change or you need a solution for larger scale operations, check out our anesthesia cloud-based platform.

Design and Functionality

OneLook is robust, but not overly complex. The user-defined parameters allow you to simply define the metrics needed to manage business operations for anesthesia in a customized approach. We deliver a premium user interface (UI) that performs real-time validation and accurate anesthesia charge calculation, combined with rapid case creation.

The intuitive design features of our anesthesia server-based platform, provides a solution that is simple to deploy and easy to use, yet delivers a powerful foundation that will act as a hub for all your anesthesia billing and practice management needs. OneLook utilizes some of Microsoft®’s most robust, object-oriented development environments and provides a modern implementation that is far superior to competitive offerings. Combine this with Microsoft’s fastest, relational database, and this medical billing platform will provide you with the power to meet the data oriented demands of the healthcare industry.

Pain Management Module

Pain management is often forgotten or an afterthought for most anesthesia software vendors. Our Pain Management Module provides a simplified Pain Specific Charge Capture module in lieu of providing the same user interface used in anesthesia charge entry.

Our Specialty

We specialize in billing, coding, compliance and practice management for anesthesia providers and ambulatory surgery centers.

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Billing for Today

Continual changes in healthcare means billing today takes on a whole new meaning. We keep pace with the rapidly transforming industry so you have less to worry about. Our best practices combined with our billing software, generate maximized revenue and deliver long-term value.

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Discover how our software solutions can optimize your anesthesia billing operations.