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Good news for abeoCoder users!  The development for the new app deployment is near completion.  abeo anticipates submitting the app to Apple and Google late December.  Apple and Google will facilitate their required review process on their end and then release the app into their stores.  See the original post surrounding abeoCoder changes below.

abeoCoder is the go-to CPT®, ICD and ASA codes / CROSSWALK® mobile resource for Anesthesiologists, CRNAs, AAs and anesthesia business professionals across the industry.  The new distribution model will allow abeo to continue offering this valuable resource to the anesthesia community.

Market Forces A Change

Over the last 7 years, abeo has provided the code sets to users through the app at no cost, supporting iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices.  Significant spikes in license fees by the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) and American Medical Association (AMA), along with app restriction challenges from Apple are the two catalysts that have led the company to this new distribution model.

abeo has absorbed the cost of licensing from the AMA and ASA for each app user.  A cost which has continued to increase.  In addition, neither Apple nor Google allow app developers to know anything about the users who have downloaded their apps.  As a result, in order to comply with our license agreements with the AMA and the ASA, abeo has been forced to count each device as a unique user.  That means abeo pays a license fee to the AMA and the ASA for each device a user owns and has abeoCoder downloaded to.

Recently, the license fees associated with AMA and ASA have nearly doubled.  These increases resulted in the company taking a serious look at the most suitable method for continued support of the app.  Due to the volume of abeo clients, which regularly utilize the app, the company has decided to continue to provide free access to clients via the central client hub, abeo360.  Users that desire to use the app in the app format can continue to do so at a nominal fee.

As of mid-October the app has been temporarily removed for download on any of the app stores but will be available for purchase in the coming months.

A message to clients, development changes are underway to also move the app to a browser-supported format that will reside in the abeo360 portal.  abeo will continue to update the code sets and provide access at no cost to active clients. abeo360 has been designed as a central location to securely communicate with abeo coding staff on needed clarification or questions surrounding clinical documentation, access privilege-level reports, and other business documents.  It seems fitting that clients would go to that same place for accessing CPT, ICD and ASA codes / CROSSWALKS®.  All of your favorite features will still be available; search by category and keyword, save your favorites and average billable time units.

abeo encourages you to contact them at should you have feedback regarding this latest news.  abeo specializes in professional management services tailored to optimize the financial and operational performance for those in the business of delivering anesthesiology services.  Their anesthesia-specific billing platforms are the most widely used in the industry.   abeo‘s technology supports the company internally and is ideal for small to very large private and commercial billing environments.  In addition to serving the anesthesia industry, abeo offers medical transcription software and service, professional and facility coding and billing and AR management tailored for surgery centers.


CPT is a registered trademark of the AMA. CROSSWALK is a registered trademark of the ASA.



abeo Management Corporation (abeo) serves as a leading source of revenue cycle management and practice management with a specialization in anesthesia. The company leverages its people, processes, and software to serve independent practices, surgery centers, hospitals and healthcare systems with a scope of services that include billing, coding, transcription, practice management, and business consulting.

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