Medical Coding Solutions

Professional and Facility Coding Services

abeo’s professional and outpatient coding services deliver accuracy well above the national average. We consistently perform at 98 – 100 percent vs. the industry average of 95 percent or less. Performance at this level is due to a highly skilled coding team of Certified Professional Coders (CPCs, CCS, CANPCs).

The benefits of working with abeo:

Answering Your Questions

abeo offers clients exceptional access to our coding experts for any questions you may have. Customer service includes direct contact with coding resources and leadership, and we do our best to respond to all questions in less than 24 hours – a goal we met consistently even in the transition to ICD-10. The reason is simple: every timely clarification reduces the need for corrections later.

Coding and Documentation Improvement Resources

The abeo repository of online documentation/coding resources is continuously updated in response to client needs. It includes a wealth of webinars that clients can watch anytime, plus such handy tools as our ICD-9 to ICD-10 diagnosis crosswalks and ICD-10 quick-reference pocket cards. We also regularly issue tips and insights by email regarding the challenges our clients encounter around the most common codes.

Internal Coding Audits

For hands-on assistance with clinical documentation improvement, abeo coding services include professional audits. Auditors with extensive ASC experience periodically examine client error rates, revenue impact, and compliance issues, and present their findings – along with comparisons to best practices and industry benchmarking – in client review meetings.

Outpatient Coding Services

Accurate and dependable medical coding

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