Whether in-house or out-sourced, expertise and support in medical coding makes the difference in the results for your practice or facility. With the complexity in today’s regulations and industry standards, it is increasingly more time consuming and costly to keep pace.

abeo’s coding experience, training requirements for our staff, and best practices ensure our clients receive results that provide you peace of mind in regards to compliance with federal guidelines. From transcription to full revenue cycle management services, abeo’s expertise will maximize your reimbursement potential and improve your cash flow.

Coding Audits

Medical coding audits by abeo’s certified coding experts promote improvement in clinical documentation practices. When was your last medical coding audit? Practices and facilities should consider annual external coding reviews as recommended by the Office of Inspector General (OIG). Are you prepared for ICD-10 changes? Are you concerned your coding workflow and accuracy is lagging? If you have questions abeo can address your concerns.

  • Coding & Charge Capture Audits
  • Coding Best Practices & Training
  • ICD-10 Preparation
  • Business Intelligence/Analytics Reporting
  • Full Business Assessments to Identify Accuracy, Efficiency and Opportunities in Any Area of the Revenue Cycle

Coding Services

Quick and proper coding is more important and more complicated in today’s complex healthcare system. If you’re practice or facility already has feelings of being overwelmed, understaffed, outdated, or concerned about coding… guess what? ICD-10 is only going to complicate your situation more. abeo’s coding experts are ready to discuss your particular situation and recommend a solution to fit your needs and ensure coding is accurate and efficient to maximize your revenue.

  • Experienced & Highly Trained Coders
  • AAPC Certified Medical Coders
  • Well-versed in Anesthesia & ASC Coding Regulations
  • Use of Efficient Technology
  • Solutions for ASCs with In-House Coding
  • Solutions for Transcription, Managed Care Contracting, Revenue Cycle Management and Everything In-Between

Our Specialty

We specialize in billing, coding, compliance and practice management for anesthesia providers and ambulatory surgery centers.

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ASC Billing Solutions

Our billing and revenue cycle services are further enhanced by our technology. abeo’s proprietary MedSuite billing software enhances our delivery of services by providing powerful data analytics and business intelligence.

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