As a medical practice or facility you are undoubtedly facing the challenges of managing an increasingly complex system of reimbursement contracts from payers.  Do you have a managed care contracting strategy? Are you getting the best possible rates?  Are payers upholding the terms of their contract?  Are they paying the full amounts they are contracted with you for?  What are you doing to prepare for contract renewals?  You have questions and you have concerns.

abeo offers our anesthesia and surgery center clients managed care contracting services inclusive of:

  • Contract Analysis
  • Negotiation Strategy & Development
  • Contract Enforcement
  • Language Review
  • Dispute Resolution & Litigation Consulting
  • Managed Care Structure and Design
managed care contracting process
abeo’s Managed Care Contracting Services are Integrated Within the Revenue Cycle
Our Specialty

We specialize in billing, coding, compliance and practice management for anesthesia providers and ambulatory surgery centers.

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Continual changes in healthcare means billing today takes on a whole new meaning. We keep pace with the rapidly transforming industry so you have less to worry about. Our best practices combined with our billing software, generate maximized revenue and deliver long-term value.

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What qualifies abeo to handle contract services?

In the last year abeo’s contract services team has completed a remarkable number of contract analysis and managed care contracting negotiations alongside or on behalf of our clients.  We’ve selected only the best of the best to handle the tasks as complex and important as contracting.  The team draws on the experience of the individuals who worked on the payer side with major companies like; Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem/Wellpoint, and Cigna.  Their backgrounds provide a well-developed understanding of the payer strategies used to set rates and terms.   They are well-versed in complex reimbursement terminology, adjudication rules, and what trends are occurring right now and into the future.

As a company positioned throughout the United States we draw on both local and national experiences.  We can maintain close relationships with major payers because we have a team dedicated to contract services that is large enough to cover the scope needed to serve both the anesthesia and ambulatory surgery center markets.  Our track record in managed care contracting demonstrates our success to make a positive impact with our clients.

What do we look for when we begin an analysis?

Your success in establishing a successful business includes having the appropriate strategy and negotiating health plan contracts that serve the needs of your practice or facility.  abeo helps you navigate the intricacies of the managed care environment with our experience and analytical tools so you can obtain the best possible results.  Our managed care contracting approach includes:
  • Market Position Assessment
  • Identifying a Managed Care Contracting Strategy
  • Analysis and Language Review
  • Benchmarking Your Rate
  • Negotiation Support Alongside or On Your Behalf
  • Implementation and Enforcement Support
  • Data Management and Reporting