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If you think all ASC transcription services are alike, your experience may be just a bit limited. While transcription seems like a commodity on the surface, the quality of the relationship often comes down to three key components: quality of service, customer support and total service cost.

Knowing how a transcription service stacks up in those three areas can make all the difference in the world between a good fit and a sinking feeling that you should be better served. Here are a few questions to ask when considering a new ASC transcription service provider.

Quality of service. Everyone wants timely and error-free transcription, of course. Beyond that:

  • How will the transcription service address errors that originate in your organization?
  • Does the service have the ASC expertise it takes to correct dictation errors?
  • Will their procedures make sure easy-to-forget items like patient demographics arrive on time?
  • Are they good at embedding comments for missing information to ensure efficient completion?
  • Can they supply custom templates to simplify dictation for your specific practice, and your specific providers?

Customer support. With even the best of services, sometimes you have to talk – now.

  • Do their support hours cover your own hours of operation?
  • Can doctors’ offices contact the service directly?
  • Will all support calls connect with live, knowledgeable, English-speaking representatives?
  • Is support available by email or portal as well as phone?
  • Will you typically get same-day correction of all errors, regardless of where they originate?
  • Is the service sufficiently familiar with the computer systems you use to help with troubleshooting?

Total cost of service. Cost-effective report completion means total cost.

  • In addition to the per-line charge for transcription, do they charge for corrections?
  • In other words, do you get a pre-determined, predictable, per-line cost for transcription that matches the per-line charge, or are there “hidden fees” that can drive the cost well above what you expected to pay?

Trivia time: When a pharmaceutical company famously claimed that “All aspirin is not alike,” the evidence was a study that found their brand to be whiter and less breakable than the other brands tested. With ASC transcription, the differences can be infinitely more meaningful, as with most services your operation depends on.

abeo is fully committed to wrapping its own ASC transcription in a higher level of quality, customer support and cost-effectiveness – and our customer retention speaks to that. If you’re on the lookout for such a transcription service, we’d love to talk – just request a demo and drop us a line here.


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