What makes abeo different?

abeo’s key differentiators are categorized into four areas: our people, our approach, our software, and our “we do more” mindset.

Reading about what makes us different is nearly as valuable as seeing it firsthand. Visit one of our billing operations offices and meet the people behind our success and working hard for our clients. You will see what distinguishes abeo throughout every touch point in our work.


We believe people can make a difference.

With over 700 U.S. based employees, we are the leading source in all aspects of the anesthesia revenue cycle and business management surrounding the specialty.

  • Anesthesia billing and knowledge from a nationwide perspective and down to local, state-level and specialty specific experience that is unmatched in our industry
  • Extensive contracting experience with national and state-level payers
  • Offices distributed throughout the U.S. rather than focused in one central location
  • Operations leadership team dedicated and in-tune with the changing healthcare landscape


We strive to surpass industry standards.

Continually advancing our processes and best practices, prevents the company from becoming complacent with performance.

  • Payer contract rate adherence – 100% of allowable
  • Industry’s only U.S. based, dedicated self-pay call center (8 years in full operation)
  • Provide clients full and forthright access to their practice data
  • Access to in-house healthcare professional legal counsel
  • Diligence to pursue every dollar of revenue our clients are legally entitled to


We use tools that optimize our work.

Our portfolio of software applications is orchestrated to work efficiently and deliver valuable insight to our own staff and clients.

  • We process more anesthesia and pain management claims annually than any other in the industry
  • MedSuite, the most advanced and widely used anesthesia billing software in the nation
  • Front- and back-end integrations specific for anesthesia coding and billing workflows
  • IBM Cognos Analytics work in sync with internal reporting to prepare, explore and share reporting and business intelligence from your data
  • QR and QCDR prompted capture and submission to AQI and other Quality Registries


Schedule time to visit or speak with us today about the value our people, approach and software can provide.