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September 23, 2013 marks the deadline for complying to the HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule requirements.

Does your compliance program reflect the changes in enforcement?
If not, it’s time for a compliance reality check.

Are your business associates proactive in updating business agreements?
If not, it’s time for a compliance reality check.

Do you understand the implications and bet $1,500,000 you’re ready?
If not, it’s time for a compliance reality check.

The Time is Now

When it comes to the reality of compliance, the time is now to assess the current situation of your anesthesia practice’s real or potential risks for HIPAA violations.  One could expect both the government and media channels will be out looking for organizations to put in the hot seat; to make examples out of them for the rest of the industry to take note of. Regardless of whether you are intentionally or unintentionally in violation of HIPAA regulations you could find yourself and your practice paying the price.  Up to $1,500,000 to be exact.
Click here for a full view of the HIPAA Compliance Reality Check Infographic

HIPAA Compliance Reality Check Infographic

HIPAA Compliance Readiness & Documents Assessment

So what should you do? The best place to start is have a HIPAA Readiness & Documents Assessment. This should cover a review of your HIPAA policies and procedures, documents, and Business Agreements. Completing a HIPAA Readiness & Documents Assessment will reveal the level of risk that exists within your anesthesia practice. Next, your practice can begin to prioritize tasks based on the risks and problem areas found with documents, policies and procedures.

abeo offers a stand-alone assessment service any anesthesia practice can take advantage of. Our in-house counsel will review, revise, and/or develop the following;

• Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Policies and Procedures
• Notice of Privacy Practices
• Business Associate Identification
• Business Associate Agreements
• HIPAA Training
• Additionally, we can offer ongoing assistance with HIPAA compliance should your practice be interested.

It’s in your best interest to know where your practice stands before you allow the situation to turn into an ugly reality.

Take Your Assessment a Step Further

Understanding how well your practice is performing in regards to billing and coding accuracy is important as well. Consider taking the assessment process a step further with an Anesthesia Practice Assessment. Our assessments are confidential and objective. Besides gaining insight from the billing and coding audit, we’ll compare your anesthesia practice to similar practices nationwide. This is an essential step to making informed business decisions for your anesthesia practice.

Our assessments are offered as a stand-alone service with no pressure to utilize long-term services with abeo. Fill the form out below to get started and learn more about our assessments and pricing.

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