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Due to decreasing reimbursements and increasingly complex regulations, managing the business side of a medical practice is increasingly more time-consuming and expensive.  Whether you; are a private practice searching for a new billing service, have elected to do your own in-house billing, or a large commercial billing service looking to acquire new technology to drive cost out of billing, abeo is the answer.  abeo has the knowledge, services, and products to fulfill all of your anesthesia billing needs. WE DO MORE.

Anesthesia Formulated

Our software was built from the ground up to optimize the management and reimbursement processes for the specialty of anesthesiology.

Scalable Technology

Extremely scalable, our software options provide effective use in small to very large sized private and commercial anesthesia billing operations.

Platform Options

We will help you determine what is best suited to fit your needs; a web-based, remotely hosted platform or a premise-based, self-hosted platform.

Our Billing Software Solutions

Cloud-based Anesthesia Software

Built with the complexities of the anesthesia reimbursement in mind and suitable for all operation sizes.

Learn more about MedSuite

Server-based Anesthesia Software

The choice for anesthesia practices that desire a self-hosted solution to manage their billing operations.

Learn more about Avid OneLook

abeo’s anesthesia billing and practice management software platforms are respected industry wide. More anesthesia providers across the U.S. rely on our software over any other anesthesia-specific software available. Our largest client employs 1,000+ anesthesia providers and operates in 300+ care units across 34 states.

Our development is centered around one of the most difficult specialties to bill for, anesthesiology.  Continuing to add to the depth and functionality has lead to the longevity and reputation of our software. The reporting and data accessibility will compliment your staff’s workflow to maximize revenue.


Let’s discuss which billing software can benefit your anesthesia billing operations best.

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