ASC Coding

Get coding accuracy well above the national average, consistently 98-100 percent vs. the industry average of 95 percent or less.

abeo provides Medicare-compliant, cost-effective and accurate ASC coding. We have a sizable team of top-tier, certified medical coders accomplished in in-network and out-of-network claims. These coding specialists will maximize your reimbursement potential and improve cash flow. Our team of certified medical coders, perform at the highest industry standards, ensure compliance to all relevant regulations and optimize revenue cash flow.

  • Thorough analyzing of your documentation and cooperative efforts with your staff to improve the way that you capture data help you maximize reimbursement.
  • All of our coding specialists are certified and employees of abeo. Accurate coding and minimized risk and exposure to RAC and Payor Audits and Penalties help improve your compliance.
  • Our integration of human and technological resources provide you with accuracy and quick turnaround.
  • abeo’s huge database of ASC knowledge and expertise keeps our standards high and our accuracy rates well above the industry average.
  • End of the month support with STAT coding assignments for last minute requests that may come into the work flow operation is provided.
  • Comprehensive reporting, including case mix reporting of top diagnosis and procedures performed, along with a frequency analysis of procedures performed is available for all of our clients.
  • We have a commitment to ongoing education among our coding experts.

We understand the impact coding has on your entire business, your compliance and your profits. Our team works with your ASC to ensure your coding is not only done right but that you are able to maximize your ASCs profitability.

abeo’s industry leading coding services are offered as a part of our ASC Billing solution package, as well as on a stand alone basis.

ASC Billing Solutions

Our billing and revenue cycle services are further enhanced by our technology. abeo’s proprietary MedSuite billing software enhances our delivery of services by providing powerful data analytics and business intelligence.

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ASC Transcription Technology

abeo’s Web-Based Transcription portal not only handles the intake of dictation; it also enables physicians with security privileges to view, edit and approve transcribed documents with legally-binding electronic signatures, as well as review text and voice files simultaneously.

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Engaging abeo’s ASC Coding Services: How We Up Each Other’s Game

To engage abeo for ASC coding services is to enter an efficient, two-way street. It’s not simply sending your documentation to us. We actively assist you with clinical documentation improvement. That’s because even the very best coders must translate what they receive. Coding is the function that justifies reimbursements, so it’s in your best interests that documentation is complete and accurate.