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To engage abeo for ambulatory surgery center (ASC) coding services is to enter an efficient, two-way street. It’s not simply sending your documentation to us. We actively assist you with clinical documentation improvement. That’s because even the very best coders must translate what they receive. Medical coding service is the service that justifies reimbursements, so it’s in your best interests that documentation is complete and accurate. We also know it’s in our best interests to help you get there.

For starters, abeo clients can affirm that we offer exceptional access to our coding resources to answer any questions. Clients are given direct contact information for their coding resources as well as coding leadership, and responsiveness is a top priority. abeo strives to provide 24 hour or less response time on all questions. Even in the run-up to the ICD-10 transition, when there were loads of inquiries, the abeo support team answered all questions in a timely manner – with every clarification meaning fewer items to potentially correct later.

We also offer an extensive and dynamic repository of online resources that cover coding concerns. This includes a complete series of webinars that clients can watch at their leisure, as well as tools such as ICD-9 to ICD-10 diagnosis crosswalks and a handy ICD-10 quick-reference pocket card. We’ve recently completed a 20-week email series of specialty tips that focused on specific challenges around the most common codes.

To complete the picture, abeo’s ASC coding services include professional audits that examine client error rates, revenue impact and compliance issues, with comparisons to best practices and industry benchmarking. Auditors regularly present their findings in client-site meetings for detailed discussion.

The latest overall coding accuracy rate results were recently released and are published semi-annually so if you would like to request a copy, please email Shawna Lambert our VP of ASC Billing, Coding and Transcription.

Of course, we have an amazingly skilled coding staff. Every abeo coder nationwide maintains a continuous Certified Professional Coder (CPC) status. We rigorously audit all coding and publish report cards of our coding accuracy, which consistently runs around 98 percent (vs. the industry average of 95 percent or less). And our deep ASC domain expertise gives us exceptional familiarity with ASC coding modifiers and payer practices. With our coders’ skills and performance – and the assistance we supply our clients for clinical documentation improvement – it’s a time-tested solution for optimizing the coding that drives revenue cycles.

Looking for a partner to up your game?  Coding services is just one of the ways abeo can help, send us and information request here.



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