Appropriate and timely payor provider enrollment is absolutely necessary in order to avoid denied claims with a network, health plan, Medicare or Medicaid. The process of credentialing anesthesia providers with a payer is a process that helps to optimize billing and collections.
Managed care organizations must verify an anesthesia provider has met the necessary requirements and qualifications to deliver quality anesthesia care before the billing process can begin. abeo’s credentialing team utilizes credentialing management software to help them effectively organize, track activity and manage multiple anesthesia practices and providers.
What makes our credentialing team great?
  • “Red tape” experts. Working through the “red tape” to credential anesthesia providers with payors requires a persistent and detail-oriented team that can learn the nuances of the process. Our dedicated staff knows their field well.
  • Detail oriented. Errors can result in delays, so you need specialists to help you get enrolled the right way, in the least amount of time and with people continuing to monitor provider’s enrollment status and renewals.
  • Friendly persistent. We understand most medical providers are burned out on paperwork. Our team has great oral and written communication skills to make experience as painless as possible when the provider is needed for a signature or information.

Anesthesia Provider Enrollment

Anesthesia provider enrollment services includes managing the data, form completions and filing for payor provider enrollment across all 50 states varying requirements. Along with continued oversight of a provider’s enrollment status, re-credentialing and re-certification as needed. Our services include but are not limited to:
Our Specialty

We specialize in billing, coding, compliance and practice management for anesthesia providers and ambulatory surgery centers.

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Proficient Practice Management

Real knowledge, like everything else of value isn’t obtained easily. We provide a full spectrum of practice management services to meet your needs from beginning to end of the revenue cycle.

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