Provider enrollment is a growing concern for the government, medical facilities, payors and thus a growing pain for anesthesia practices. How does your practice currently handle anesthesia credentialing? Can you handle the provider enrollment requirements if your anesthesia practice expands? Is anesthesia provider enrollment paperwork costing you too much time and money? The paperwork and the requirements are monumental.

abeo assigns a credentialing contact to your anesthesia practice and offers our clients provider enrollment services for the entire process inclusive of:

What qualifies us to manage anesthesia credentialing services?

abeo’s credentialing team provide clients with the convenience and consistency of having one point of contact for all their needs and questions. In addition to our staff, abeo has invested in software from IntelliSoft Group, a leader in credentialing software. Intellisoft Solutions is designed to scale and grow with the size and number of anesthesia clients. It provides operational efficiency and reduced time management so we can finalize paperwork in the least amount of time possible. This software interfaces directly with the OIG and NPDB, tracks the applications throughout the entire enrollment process and tracks expiring credentials so we can keep you up to date.

Our anesthesia credentialing services address the specific requirements for anesthesiologists, certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) and anesthesiologist assistants (AAs).

Our Specialty

We specialize in billing, coding, compliance and practice management for anesthesia providers and ambulatory surgery centers.

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Proficient Practice Management

Real knowledge, like everything else of value isn’t obtained easily. We provide a full spectrum of practice management services to meet your needs from beginning to end of the revenue cycle.

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