Anesthesia Billing and Revenue Cycle Services

abeo has been a trusted anesthesia billing company for over 50 years. By adapting our best practices from years of experience, we have established a reputation as the leading provider in anesthesia billing and revenue cycle management. Our quality-driven services and outstanding track record are a result of abeo’s philosophy and key differences. Our revenue cycle services are designed to accommodate the needs of anesthesiologists and CRNAs practicing anesthesia in a private practice setting or a setting where they are employed by a hospital / surgery center facility.

With millions of transactions annually, abeo has proven capacity for managing the preparation, submission, correspondence and collections for anesthesia providers with great efficiency. We believe the best approach to providing anesthesia billing services is through a team assigned to a specific client. This provides abeo client’s with consistency, uniquely customized processes and an atmosphere internally of ownership and accountability for your anesthesia groups performance.

abeo prides ourselves on our performance in follow up and collections and view it as one of the most significant differentiators between ourselves and the competition. We go to great lengths to ensure our policies and procedures are enforced at every stage of the revenue cycle to maximize revenue collection, some of which include:

  • Touching every unpaid account a minimum of once a month until the balance is completely resolved.
  • Being proactive, we do not rely on EOBs to determine if appropriate payments have been made.
  • There is no minimum underpaid amount. abeo scrutinizes payors for every penny, even amounts under 1-2 units.
  • A self-pay follow up policy through human interaction, no machines leaving unwanted messages to your patients.
  • Calls are placed to work on a payment plan with your patient during their most convenient and local time zone hours.
  • abeo provides detailed management of anesthesia reimbursement.

abeo collects more through each diligent step of the follow up and collection process. Our observation through numerous anesthesia billing assessments we’ve conducted find that other billing companies lack either the ability or care to focus on this area of the revenue cycle. It is left to hypothesize other anesthesia billing companies are motivated to send accounts to collections because of their ownership of collection agency, are unable to perform similar policies and procedures in a cost effective manner, or they simply do not see the benefit in such diligence to detail.

Billing for anesthesia and revenue cycle services are further enhanced by our technology. abeo’s proprietary MedSuite billing software enhances our delivery of services by providing powerful data analytics and business intelligence. Transparency of your practice or anesthesia department is key to understanding the interrelations of your business in today’s marketplace.

Our Specialty

We specialize in billing, coding, compliance and practice management for anesthesia providers and ambulatory surgery centers.

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Proficient Practice Management

Real knowledge, like everything else of value isn’t obtained easily. We provide a full spectrum of practice management services to meet your needs from beginning to end of the revenue cycle.

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For Patients: About Anesthesia Billing

Many patients have billing questions. Anesthesia charges are calculated differently than most specialties and far more complex.

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