Jody Hinton is the director of billing operations for the central division at ABEO in Fort Worth, Texas, a billing and practice management company that works largely with anesthesia practices. Ms. Hinton works with anesthesia billers to make sure their revenue cycles function optimally and efficiently.

Here are Ms. Hinton’s five tips for improving anesthesia billing practices.

Follow the link to read the full article: 5 Tips for Anesthesia Billing
Written by: Heather Linder with Becker’s ASC Review


ABEO EXPERT SPOTLIGHT features individuals within abeo that have contributed their expertise to help educate others.  As one of abeo’s director of operations, Jody Hinton leads her team to work efficiently throughout the entire revenue cycle without sacrificing quality and cutting corners.  The results of not cutting corners and finding every opportunity to collect more money, leads to maximized earnings for our clients.  Visit abeo’s Anesthesia Billing and abeo Services web page to learn more.

is a national billing company specializing in complete revenue cycle management and business services that are primarily focused on anesthesia providers and ambulatory surgery centers. We uphold a reputation for providing quality-driven solutions, a high level of personal service and the expertise needed for today’s complex healthcare environment.


abeo Management Corporation (abeo) serves as a leading source of revenue cycle management and practice management with a specialization in anesthesia. The company leverages its people, processes, and software to serve independent practices, surgery centers, hospitals and healthcare systems with a scope of services that include billing, coding, transcription, practice management, and business consulting.

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