Ambulatory Surgery Center Association Annual Meeting 2014

May 14 – 16

Gaylord Opryland

Nashville, TN

Where can I find abeo? Booth 614

Official ASCA Meeting 2014 Website:

abeo loves going to Nashville. Not only because the Grand Ole Opry is a national treasure, but because we’re excited about this year’s Ambulatory Surgery Center Association, ASCA Meeting 2014. With so many specialists and featured speakers showing up to discuss the future of ASC industry, we love taking part in the mainstream discussion and providing solutions that drive ASCs forward.

While there are more than 50 presentations and speakers to choose from, we wanted to let you know which ones we’re excited about the most. These are sessions we believe are valuable in changing perspectives and helping ASCs learn a few more things about becoming profitable.

Take a look at these, and we’ll see you there!

ASCA 2014 in Nashville

Why and How to Collect Deductibles and Copays Up Front

Why? With the payment responsibility for patients growing, improving your deductible and copay collections are a must. Jason Bradford, President & CEO of Outsource Solutions and Gavin Duckworth, Director of Patient Services of abeo, presented on this topic last year at the ASCA meeting in a session titled, “Patient Collections You Can Brag About.” The session was well attended and received great feedback. We have no doubt this topic would benefit ASCs that have not implemented patient collection strategies and even ASCs that have but need to continue brainstorming and refining their techniques.


Confronting Obamacare and Accountable Care Organizations

Why? An evolving healthcare environment might be an understatement. There are so many changes and considerations to keep track of today that the only way to stay ahead is to be proactive and to continue educating yourself on the marketplace. This session is one way to make sure your ASC is playing an active role in the discussion. Take in different ideas, theories about what the future may hold and pose questions so you can keep your ASC strategically positioned for change.


Managed Care Contracting: Strategies for Success in Today’s Marketplace

Why? One of the first questions we ask a potential client is, “how are your managed care contracts?” Often we find not everyone has a strategy for each contract from beginning, to middle, end and back around to preparing to negotiate for the next renewal period. We believe every ASC should have a strategy and a plan for each contract. If there is any aspect of your managed care contracting that you don’t have firm grasp on, this session could be a great step in the direction of improving your revenue.


Anesthesia Practice Relationships…What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You!

Why? Your relationship with the anesthesia practice impacts your ASC efficiency and revenue.  We’re excited about this session because we know Judith Semo will deliver a wealth of knowledge and get you doing some serious thinking about the relationship with the anesthesia providers. abeo is the leading provider for anesthesia practice management, billing services and anesthesia billing management software. We can assist with further discussion and questions you have before or after attending this session.


For a complete listing of the schedule for the ASCA meeting, click here.


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