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Lisa Bielamowicz, M.D., the Executive Director and Chief Medical Officer at the Advisory Board, provided the keynote address at ASA’s PRACTICE MANAGEMENT2017 conference.  Dr. Bielamowicz’s presentation highlighted the potential changes that could impact your practice as a result of the recent Presidential Election.

Below we highlight 3 key discussion points from her insightful keynote address.


  1. Change is coming, but it may look somewhat similar to what we see today and possibly not finalized until 2018.  Look for the more radical changes to center on moving from away subsidies and towards tax breaks.


  1. Payment cuts are on the table. Moving physicians towards alternative payment models and transferring risk was the previous administration’s attempt to lower costs, however this process has not affected healthcare costs fast enough and payment cuts might be coming to get costs under control.


  1. Quality and transparency will continue to be a focus. Regardless of the legislation proposed there is large bipartisan support to continue quality reporting and cost transparency to promote greater consumer choice and price shopping. MACRA is here to stay.


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