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The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) will host the 2016 ANI Conference in Las Vegas on June 26-29 at the The Venetian and the Palazzo Hotel-Resort/Sands Expo Center.  The HFMA National Institute is focused on providing content essential to helping it’s members deliver value and innovation in health care.  All this talk about resolving claim rejections and tackling value-based care gets abeo talking about the business of hospital billing for anesthesia services.

Among the many beneficial sessions HFMA will provide, two sessions in particular caught our eye, “Creating Pristine Claims – Essential Practices for Revenue Cycle Success” and “Enabling Physicians to Deliver Value-Based Care.”  The session on creating pristine claims will follow a health system that increased cash and decreased rework by identifying and resolving the cause for claim rejections. The session delivering value-based care is on the mind’s of all health care leadership.  This presentation will discuss the delicate balance of improving quality, measuring performance, managing costs, and controlling risk.  The challenge of transitioning from a fee-for-service world to a value-based care model is difficult to navigate.  Hospitals and system leaders that are not developing strategies to control costs will face increasing competition.

Incorrect anesthesia billing can lead to under-billing and risk of compliance action.  The complexities involved and the skill set required to successfully bill for anesthesia services is often underestimated by the central billing office (CBO).  If you are a CFO or administrator seeing budget shortfalls exceeding previous anesthesia stipend agreements and trying to look for the answers, read our post that discusses ways to optimize hospital billing for anesthesia servicesabeo‘s Senior Vice President, Daniel Prevost outlines the common sources of anesthesia reimbursement shortfalls and anesthesia compliance issues.  He ends this article with the best practices in anesthesia billing to avoid issues that result in anesthesia under-billing and noncompliance.

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2016 HFMA National Institute

Where: The Venetian and the Palazzo Hotel-Resort/Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas
When: June 26 – 29
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