Abeo Management Corporation, known as abeo, is a medical billing company. We are a business partner to thousands of anesthesia medical providers, private practices, ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), and other medical facilities and professionals across the United States.  abeo however is more than just a medical billing company, we provide medical transcription, medical coding, billing management software and practice management services.  Each client partners with abeo for multiple reasons and varying solutions, but ultimately so they can focus on what is most important… helping patients.


abeo’s role as a business partner means we not only represent ourselves as a medical billing company, but to some degree we represent the medical professionals and medical facilities providing medical care to patients.  abeo prioritizes HIPAA enforcement and compliance with government regulations.  We aim to educate and work with patients to understand the services they have received and how the services they received are billed.  Our employees submit patient claims to medical insurance companies and work directly patients on the remaining balance.  Patients may even receive a friendly call from a live representative with our company.  Our patient services team educate patients on their bill and provide payment options without the use of any telephony robots.  Like our clients, we understand patients have unique situations and sometime face difficult times, which is why “we do more” to try and help patients resolve an outstanding balance before they are turned over to a collection agency.


As a medical billing company we want to ensure patients understand their billing statements, how the amount is determined and most importantly that we take multiple measures to protect patient health information (PHI).  abeo complies with all government and state regulations and guidelines.  Here are some helpful webpages to provide you with information on medical billing and health care regulations.

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Preparing for surgery provides patients with greater peace-of-mind.  We have included a list of helpful websites for patients to use as a resource in preparing for surgery.  Since we work with a large volume of anesthesiologists and CRNAs we have also included information on who administers anesthesia, types of anesthesia and how anesthesia is billed.

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The information here found on abeo’s website and the links to other websites  is provided as a resource.  You should always refer to your medical physician when you have questions about your procedure and treatment.