We’ll be honest; medical transcription software does not always appear to look that different from one company to the next. You hear the same claims over and over because no one is going to tell you they’re slower and less dependable than the competition. And in this technology driven world, a web-based transcription platform should not be the only thing that makes a medical transcription company stand out in the marketplace. So what makes abeo’s transcription services different?

We don’t specialize in only transcription. abeo specializes in full revenue cycle management, and has over 50 years of experience and refinement in every step of our revenue collecting processes. Whether you utilize our full suite of surgery center solutions or not, you still get three great benefits by utilizing abeo’s transcription software and services.

First, your transcription is provided by a company who fully understands the importance of each step in the revenue cycle, and the affect a small inefficency in transcription can have in the overall process. Second, you always have options because we don’t work against you, we work for you. We work with your other vendors and would never force you to use our whole surgery center package. Lastly, we can review your managed care contracts, provide billing, coding and full business assessments if you need to take a peek at how you’re doing. And if you ever find yourself needing full billing services you don’t have to search.


Transcription is provided next-day by 7am for submissions received before 5pm CST. For urgent history and physicals received by 11pm CST, abeo will have them back to you by 7am your time.


From the point of voice capture, workflow is completely integrated so you can manage all audio files and documents with ease via the web-based transcription platform. abeo’s Transcription Software platform allows you to use your own Microsoft Word©. Completed documents are uploaded either directly back to Care Provider accounts or to designated QA review.


abeo’s Transcription Software can interface transcribed notes directly into EHRs, eliminating current manual workflow steps of scanning and importing documents.


Voice dictation works via call-in telephone or digital recorders. abeo’s Transcription Software is an Asterisk-based telephony solution. Our solution emulates all keypad and workflow steps that your surgery center and providers may be accustomed to using with your current dictation system.


abeo’s Transcription Software allows your surgery center to change routing and transcription assignments in seconds; enable QA intervention based on each individuals role; route files via different scenario and direct routing relationships; and more. Process documents online via the web, examples edit, print, batch print, fax, autofax, e-sign, search, finalize, archive, etc.


Generate management reports related to turn-around times; on time and late reports; productivity; costs per line, report, transcription source and Provider; daily lines; and documents dictated and transcribed reports.


abeo’s Transcription Software provides top-level security with data sent over a 128-bit encrypted SSL channel. Dictations and documents are all stored in an encrypted form in abeo’s database center. We’ve got your back, when a document is edited all prior iterations of the document are saved as well. This transcription audit trail tells you when the document was edited, who edited it and what was changed.


abeo offers medical transcription services on a stand-alone basis or inclusive of our full package for surgery center billing and practice management. To discuss transcription or billing solutions for your surgery center call 888.281.6187 or contact us.

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