ASC Business Assessment

Today’s ambulatory surgery centers are faced with a myriad of challenges – everything from reimbursement pressures, declines in patient volume, physician retention to increased regulations and uncertainties in our healthcare system.  It is imperative to look diligently at your business and understand what can be done to improve and maintain performance and profitability for today and tomorrow.  abeo can provide a thorough assessment through an evaluation and audit of your coding, billing, collections and payment processing.  Our findings include error rates, revenue impact, cost structure detail, compliance issues, along with comparisons of industry benchmarks and areas for improvement for your surgery center.

Managed Care Contracting

abeo does more than negotiate and administer managed care contracts; we go the extra mile to ensure payers adhere to the elements of the contracts.  Knowledge is everything in contracting.  Our practice management team has local payor knowledge and an admirable track record in their negotiations. With abeo’s team on your side of the table, you will see optimal results for your ambulatory surgery center.

Anesthesia Management Services

abeo’s expertise and history in anesthesia billing and full-service practice management can provide your ambulatory surgery center with an opportunity to increase revenue through our anesthesia management services.  Our anesthesia solutions are customized for each anesthesia department or practice group.  abeo’s team has a proven track record in enhancing the anesthesia departments quality, compliance and revenue.  Payor contracting services, OR productivity and efficiency analysis, policy and procedure evaluations, stipend evaluations, and of course billing are among many anesthesia management services we offer.