Access ICD-10-CM Codes From Anywhere With abeoCoder

The ICD-10 transition deadline is fast approaching and abeo wants to make life easier with ICD-10 code lookup using our abeoCoder app for mobile devices.  It is free, fast and available on your favorite Apple, Android and BlackBerry devices.

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 Great ★★★★★
“Fast and accurate.” – Dedebirdcates

Search Codes

The abeoCoder app allows users to search ICD-10-CM codes in two ways.  The first option is by typing a keyword.  Say you want search for all ICD-10-CM codes pertaining to heart disease.  As the user begins typing a keyword or phrase, the related codes will begin appearing.

abeoCoder ICD-10 Keyword Search

The second option users have is to search codes body system, also known as category within the app.  Begin by selecting the ICD-10 tab underneath Categories.  A list of Categories/Body Systems will appear.  Browse and make a selection; here we selected Pregnancy/Childbirth/Puerperium.  When the user navigates to the code they wish to view, abeoCoder provides the ICD-10-CM code and description.

abeoCoder ICD-10-CM Pregnancy/Childbirth/Puerpertium

abeoCoder ICD-10-CM Categories

Save Favorites

abeoCoder allows users to save favorite or most frequently used codes for quick reference.  The favorites are saved to the cloud so they can be assessed across multiple devices.  Apple fans with the new iWatch will soon be able to access their favorite codes right from their wrist.  abeo anticipates iWatch development for the app to be complete by the end of June and ready for launch in July.

The functionality and convenience of abeo’s coding app doesn’t stop there.  The free download includes ICD-9 codes, CPT® codes, ASA CROSSWALK®.  Plus, CPT® codes are crosswalked and visible under the ASA CROSSWALK® screen and vice-a-versa, the ASA CROSSWALK® is shown alongside on the CPT® screen.

abeoCoder is a great tool to have on hand regardless of your role as a physician, nurse, medical coder or other practice management professional.  Download the app and send us a review to let us know what you think.

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